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The World's First Countertop Precision Cooker

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-Alison Spiegel, Senior Writer, Tasting Table

"This electric countertop grill is like a cross between sous vide, the high-end slow-cooking water bath method used by restaurant chefs, and the George Forman grill. They say opposites attract, and in the case of the Cinder, these opposites have produced one beautiful baby."

The magic of sous vide, reimagined.

You've never cooked like this before.

Cinder is an electric countertop grill that uses precision temperature monitoring to cook any meat or vegetable to perfection.

Using two ceramic heating plates, Cinder raises the temperature of your food – from surface to core – to a precise target.

The Cinder app automatically sets, measures, and tracks the meal as it cooks, notifying you when it’s ready. Cinder combines the magic of sous vide with the ease of a countertop grill, allowing you to cook food like never before.

Cook The Perfect Steak Every Time

A great steak is comprised of two things: temperature and texture.

Guided by the Cinder app, your steaks are cooked to the precise temperature of your choosing. Once it is cooked, the Cinder sears the steak to give it the color and texture only a grill can create.

"I tried cooking steaks in it every way I could think of, including fresh steaks, steaks that I placed in it straight from the freezer, 2-inch thick steaks and 1/2-inch steaks, and steaks that were unevenly sliced so that one end was fatter than the other. In every case, I wound up with meat that was evenly cooked from edge to center.

It was also great for other meats: chicken breast, duck breast, and salmon filets all came out tender and juicy with minimal fuss."

-J. Kenji Lopez, Managing Culinary Director, Serious Eats


Proprietary Heating Element Design

Maintain the exact temperature of your choosing. 

All In One Experience

Spend less time prepping and more time relaxing – No preheating, no water baths, no vacuum sealed bags.

Cinder App 

Connect to your Cinder via bluetooth and select how you want your food to be cooked, the app does the rest. 

Detachable Ceramic Plates

Clean your cinder with the ease of washing a dish. ​

Sous Vide Precision Without the Hassle!

Cinder takes the bags, the water and the mess out of sous vide cooking. Just place your food on the grill, select your preference on the app, and return when it's ready

The Versatility You'd Expect from the Kitchen of the Future

Cinder Handles more than meat, with 30+ meals loaded into the app, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the click of a button.

Is what you're looking for not in the app? Cinder makes it easy to manually control the grill to cook whatever you need as we continue to grow our library of perfectly cooked food.

Cook breakfast all at once

Enjoy the convenience of a quick, and delicious meal

Your Life Simplified!

It's no longer difficult to cook the perfect meal. Just place your food in the grill, and wait for Cinder to let you know it's done cooking. Whether you want to slow cook, hold at temp, or sear your dish, Cinder has you covered on all fronts.

-Eric Norman, CEO and Founder, Cinder

"The quality of food cooked sous vide blew my mind, and the way it bends time meant I could use it every day. But the process was always difficult and I found myself using it less over time. We founded Cinder to get those same life-changing results in a simpler, faster way."

Get a Notification When Your Food Is Ready

No more hovering around the kitchen to keep an eye on your food. Set your Cinder up and walk away.

We'll make sure to notify you when your food is ready, and hold at at precisely the perfect temperature until​ you're ready to eat.

Take the Stress Out of Cooking

Cinder makes it easy for anyone to cook chef quality meals. You'll never again worry about overcooking your food, or spend hours trying to cook the perfect meal.

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Due to Availability next units will arrive to customers in November.
Orders are fulfilled on a first come, first served basis. Limited quantities available at this price.

What's included?

  • Cinder Precision Cooker
  • Includes two non-stick ceramic griddle plates
  • iOS app available for free download
  • 1800W
  • US and Canada

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