Cinder Precision Grill

Cinder Precision Grill

Cook to temperature and sear.

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The First of its Kind.

Cinder combines the magic of sous vide with the simplicity of a countertop grill.

"Although sous vide literally means under vacuum in French, the defining feature of the sous vide method is not packaging or vacuum sealing; it is accurate temperature control." - Modernist Cuisine

Using two precisely heated ceramic plates, Cinder can reach and maintain any temperature between 80-450℉. Sear, saute, or sous vide – with Cinder you can make amazing meals, every day.

Consistently Amazing Food.
Our non-stick heating plates are outfitted with state of the art heating elements – consistent, accurate temperature control means you get the same amazing food, every time.

No Overcooking. Ever.

Cinder is the first cooking appliance that can track doneness and hold your food at this temperature for up to two hours. No more poking at your steak and guessing if it’s ready.
Cinder App: Set it & Forget it.
No defrosting, no preheating, no setup – with the Cinder app, you can set and monitor your food from your phone as it cooks, allowing you to focus on what’s more important.

What is Precision Cooking?

We removed all the hassles of sous vide, and reinvented precision cooking. With sous vide, vacuum sealed food is cooked in a precisely heated water bath to an target temperature. With Cinder, there are no plastic bags, no water baths, and no mess, just great meals, every day.
What is Precision Cooking?

Cooking with Cinder

Cinder can cook all types of meat, seafood, and produce. Discover how to use Cinder through a recipe for one of our favorite dishes: Butternut Squash
Cooking with Cinder

Never Overcook Again.

Cinder is the only cooking appliance in the world that can precisely track your food as it heats and stop cooking once it’s done – but how?
Never Overcook Again.

What Critics Are Saying

” The machine’s temperature precision, combined with the side skirt, means that you could pop in a steak, let it cook, and then leave it for a couple hours before even tending to it again.
The best part about searing in the Cinder is that it completely eliminates the smoke and messy oil splatter that traditional stovetop searing will leave you with. Man, I wish I'd had one of these when I was living in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn with no windows for ventilation."
"The new smart home appliance uses sensors and artificial intelligence to grill steak much like a chef might at a pricey restaurant."
"The Cinder Precision Grill, however, could very well be the perfect kitchen appliance for aspiring chefs who love cooking but don't always have the time to dabble in the kitchen"

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