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Cooking perfect steak on Cinder is easy.


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Cinder is more accurate than most thermometers.

If you've used a meat thermometer, you know that steak is done when it hits a specific temperature. Well, Cinder's precision allows a cooking revolution. First, Cinder heats its cooking plates to the temperature that you want your steak.  Then, the entire steak warms up to exactly that temperature, no more, no less. The same results you would get with sous vide.

10x more accurate
Platinum thin film RTD


And the result is juicy steak:

Typically, the outer part of steak gets too hot before the center is done. It's easy to exceed 140°F, which is where protein fibers tense up and push out moisture. Cinder keeps the entire steak below that point. More of the natural moisture is retained, so your steak tastes more like steak.

Cinder has more advanced technology than most kitchens.

Cast iron pans are great because they got hot, and stay hot. We designed Cinder from the ground up to do the same thing. Special materials can withstand high heat, and Cinder's control system can sense a drop in temperature and apply full power in seconds.

Response time (ms)


10x faster
Solid State Relays

Better electronics, better steak.


The result is a smoking hot sear,
which no teflon-coated pans can match,
with a quick, unattended pre-heat. 


Cinder knows when your steak is done.

One of the hardest parts of cooking is knowing when it's done. Cinder's patent-pending algorithm can tell when your food is done by measuring power usage and several sensors.

Cooking with Cinder even saves energy.

Cinder can pull a full 1800W when needed, but most of the time it sips electricity. Thanks to  Cinder's precise, enclosed cooking environment, almost no heat is lost into the environment. And the electric resistive heating elements are over 95% efficient.

Energy to cook a steak (kJ)

3x less
energy needed 



Heat source: electric resistive heating elements embedded into cooking plates

Cooking surface: Non-stick Ceramic coated Aluminum cooking plates (no Teflon, PTFE, PFOA)

Temperature range: 70°F - 500°F in 1°F increments

Power: 1800W controlled by Solid State Relays

Sensors: RTD platinum temperature sensor built into each cooking plate, thickness sensor

Dimensions: 13" wide x 7" high x 18" deep (fits under standard 18" cabinet) 

Control: Turn and click wheel, or smart phone app (iOS at launch, Android coming soon)


In the box:

  • Cinder (with two griddle cooking plates)
  • Quick start guide


  • Belgian Waffle cooking plates - available now for pre-order at 50% off
  • Frying cooking plate (2" deep) - available now for pre-order at 50% off



Frequently Asked Questions

+What is the cooking method?

Cinder is an electric contact grill. Two metal cooking surfaces contact and heat the top and bottom of the food. The air in the cooking chamber will heat up and warm the sides of the food, which are also cooked by radiant heat from the cooking surface.

+I already know how to cook, why do I need Cinder?

Some of our earliest beta users are professional chefs. They love their Cinders. Just like a sous-chef, Cinder frees you up to do more. You tell it what you want and Cinder takes care of it so you don't need to hover over the stove. If you use low temperature cooking, the sensitivity to time decreases drastically, making it easier to match multiple dishes together.

+When will Cinder ship?

Our first units will ship in the summer of 2016. From there, we’ll continue to ship Cinders in the order that pre-orders were received. Preorder yours today to reserve your spot. (Note that we will start with US orders due to additional requirements to ship overseas.)

+Will it fit in my kitchen?

Cinder was designed to fit comfortably on your kitchen counter. It will fit underneath a standard 18" high cabinet.. When closed, Cinder is about 13" wide, 17" deep, and 7" high. When open, the depth is 22", and we recommend a few more inches clear in front for a workspace. The highest point reached when opening is 18".

+When will my preorder be charged to my credit card?

Your card will be charged when you place your pre-order.. We offer a no-charge, no questions asked money back guarantee policy anytime before your Cinder ships and a have 60-day return policy after you get your Cinder.

+Do I have to pay sales tax/VAT?

We collect the applicable taxes at the time of purchase. You will see any taxes in the shopping cart and have the option to confirm the total amount before checking out. In the US, you will be charged sales tax if your shipping address is in California.

+I want to cook a specific food, will it work ?

Cinder works best on foods that are mostly flat, without bones, up to 2.5" thick. You can also use Cinder open, like a stovetop pan or griddle.

+Can I try before I buy?

We frequently demonstrate Cinder at events and conferences. The best way to find out when you can meet Cinder is to sign up for our mailing list.

+Is this like sous vide?

Sous vide, like Cinder, is a precision cooking technique. Cinder is different than sous vide because it’s capable of both low and high temperature cooking. Unlike sous vide, Cinder can perfectly cook both the inside and outside of a steak. Precision high temperature opens up new techniques, as well.

+I have another question.

We’d love to hear from you! Please drop us a line at: [email protected]


"Cinder uses sensors and software algorithms that mimic the mind of a brilliant chef"


"As I savor the juicy texture and rich flavor, I start to think about eating this way all the time"

Cinder has given me more confidence in the kitchen.
— A beta tester
The perfect kitchen appliance for aspiring chefs.
— Gizmodo
It might be the last grill you ever need.

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