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Heat efficiently delivered to your food

Our extremely advanced manufacturing process allows Cinder's plates to be die casted around their heating elements.

The heat propagate to your food directly by conduction unlike other cheaper but inefficient schemes were the heating element is not even touching your cooking surface.

Cinder is able to deliver the heat exactly and only where it's needed.


Precise Temperature control

Cinder uses RTD to sense the plate's surface temperature with a unique sensing element design. 

Cinder achieves 1F regulation granularity to enable unprecedented control on your cooking results.


Wise Power Management 

Our sophisticated electronic control offers unprecedented resolution over the power delivered to your food.

Our power management is able to precisely deliver the amount of power demand to hold your cooking temperature.


Cooking Time Estimate

Cinder can estimate your cooking time automatically by sensing the thickness of the food on its cooking plates.

Regain control over your schedule by knowing when your food will be ready!


Cooking Monitoring

Our proprietary algorithm is capable to sense when the cooking process is completed and conveniently alterts you through the App